Saturday, January 5, 2013

Craft Project 1: Decorated Wooden Letter

Project: Decorated Wood Letter

Inspiration: Quilled Monogram with Fringe Flowers

Source: This Pin from This Blog.

Total Cost: $16.01

Total Time: Plus shopping and waiting for paint to dry, about 3 hours. Actual assembly about an hour and a half.

Story: I saw this pin and fell in love. I knew it was just the thing to go on the outside of my new office door. (We just finished updating our hallway, installing white baseboard and replacing the old, wooden doors with white ones).

Despite Chris's reluctance to let me make him a boy-themed one for his office door, he was still excited to go with me to Michael's and pick out the 'bits' for my letter. I'm not sure how the lady who originally created this made the flowers, but it sounded complicated. I elected to just purchase mine.

I started by picking out actual fake flowers (one sale 50% off whole stock), but when I sat down to figure out how they would look arranged together, I realized I'd have a hard time hiding the 'stems', even if I cut the blossoms off. Then Chris found an aisle in the scrapbooking section that had paper-ish flowers sorted by color, also for 50% off. Score!

We ended up with the following, for $16.01:

Supplies: 2 packets of big flowers, 1 packet of medium, and 1 packet of small. 1 acrylic paint in a dark purple, 1 letter S, 1 sheet of cream-colored paper, and 1 piece of 220-grit sandpaper (which I already had).

The S had a sleek finish over it, and Chris warned me we wouldn't be able to just paint directly on it. I used the sandpaper to hand-sand a small section on the back and painted over both sanded and non-sanded places to verify. Yup, he was right.

I then used a sander for expediency, but if I didn't have one I could have easily hand-sanded the whole thing. I decided not to sand the small sections between front and back, because I liked the flash of white.

Above you can see the S sanded, and then where I started painting. I gave this a coat, let it dry, and gave it a second coat, being careful to brush towards the outer edges so I wouldn't glop any on the sides.

After that I arranged my flowers how I wanted them, and took a picture to make sure I could recreate it once I started gluing.

I used a glue gun for these flowers. So thrilled with myself at this point, but then it was time to do the paper curlicues. After a lot of experimentation I ended up with the following:

I found that I had to start the curlicues by hand, as a pencil didn't get the curls tight enough. I had to glue some of the papers together to get them to stay close to each other, and very delicately bend out the paper so it would curve how I wanted.

I folded the end of each paper at an angle so that it would fit up snug against the S. Then I used Elmer's Glue to glue the paper to the S. Unlike the picture that I used for inspiration, I chose to only place paper under where the flowers poked out, to beter hide my handiwork.

Chris declined to let me put a nail in our new door, so I'll have to pick up some of those sticky-hooks from Walmart to finish mounting it. Until then, voila!

Next Up

Converting an old glass window I have hanging on my kitchen wall into something like this:

From this pin, from this source.

<3, Savannah

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