Tuesday, January 1, 2013

The First Year of Recorded Crafting

A friend said to me that of all the people she follows on Pinterest, I'm one of the only ones who actually makes the crafts she pins.

I love crafting. Not as much as I love writing of course, but there's something about making physical art that is so creatively satisfying. As a young homeowner with not much design sense, I find it easier (and cheaper!) to make the art I need rather than try to find something in stores. A designer in a magazine once said that you should only bring items into your house that you love -- a nice philosophy, unless you are very, very particular, like me. But when I make my own decorative pieces I can't help but love them, so it's win-win all around.

I craft when I'm happy, when I'm juiced up on life. I plan in advance and try to make my holiday crafts months before the actual event. I'm so proud of what I create, and yet I don't want to mix my crafting life with my writing life, blog-wise. And so, I've decided to make a separate crafts blog and dedicate to 2 crafting projects per month for the year of 2013. It's a little more than I've done historically, but with my office finally set up to be a comfortable and welcoming place, I feel that it's a goal I can meet.

Can't wait to get started and share the results with you! First project coming up this weekend...

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