In 2012 I realized I was crafting more and more, but didn't want to blend this hobby with my writing blog. I started this site as a way to document my projects and share what I'm up to craft- and design-wise with interested parties.

This is the board where I keep projects that I plan on working on soon.

This is the board where I keep projects I'm considering.

More About Me: I live in northern Alabama with my boyfriend, Chris. I bought my first house in 2009, and Chris and I have have been slowly updating its outdated 1950's style ever since.

Decorating style: My decorating style can be described as 'cottage contemporary'. I love shabby chic and cottage style, but find what I actually end up implementing leans towards simplicity and modern lines. I love teal, silver, natural fibers, white trim, and beadboard. I hate tan as a neutral wall color, and have embraced the movement towards gray!

Craft Style: Crafts-wise I love working with paper (cheap and easy!), and doing little things to customize what I already have. I don't have a sewing machine so any stitchwork I need done is graciously donated through either Chris or mine's mothers.

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