Wednesday, November 6, 2013

Guest Bedroom

This is incredibly late, and for that I apologize.

In the last post we looked at a nightstand I'd refinished because my best friend was coming in to town. Today I'm showing off the entire room!

Here was my pinterest board for the inspiration. I originally envisioned lots of teal and blue with orange accents. Here's how it turned out:

There's an infuriating story behind those Target curtains. They were absolutely perfect for what I wanted but there was only one curtain panel available in store. Assuming I could just order another online or from another store, I bought the single panel and put it up, only to discover that the Target website apparently had no clue it had ever carried this particular brand or product number.

I called the 1-800 number. I called all my local stores. No system had those numbers in it. Totally infuriating. I finally started googling the product name and miraculously found a website hosting a picture of these orange ombre curtains.... with a link to where they could be ordered on Target's website. Don't ask me why the website couldn't find the product number when it clearly carried it.

These glass bottles came from Home Goods, and I got them on sale!

Here's the little table from the previous post. I filled it with lotion and chaptstick!

The artwork of Brian Andreas, which my BFF and I first discovered in a boutique store when she was visiting me in Chicago. Great memory, and also amazing art. Vases from Anthropologie.

Various decorative items acquired over the years, plus some good books for late-night reading if my guest has a problem sleeping.

Pictures from some events in BFF and mine's childhood, and a drawing she did of the two of us.

On the walls hung a picture of NYC, a mirror, and a corkboard with movie stubs, ticket stubs, funny phrases, etc., from our time together.

Later the room played host to my sisters at various times, and I was so, so glad that we invested in a guest bedroom, even though the entire creation process was exhausting. So there.

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