Thursday, November 7, 2013

Wooden Block Family

This project was inspired by this pin on Pinterest.

I saw these wooden dolls and fell in love. One of my sisters is moving away, and I wanted to make her a little doll family to help decorate for the holidays, since she won't be able to come home for Thanksgiving or Christmas.

Items Needed:

Wooden blocks (I got mine from the 'wood' aisle at Hobby Lobby)
Acrylic Paint
e-6000 glue
Pom Poms (optional)

Instead of wood blocks purchased from Home Depot, I used wood blocks from my local Hobby Lobby:

Using the original article's advice, I also purchased some e-6000 glue.

I arranged the blocks until I got the shape I wanted, then glued them down. Then I started painting!

Here's the 'mom' up close.

Some little extra fuzzballs I had got incorporated into the project.

I really admire the colors and patterns of the original poster, but my paintbrushes weren't fine enough for that level of detail, so I stuck to my big blocky colors. I love my little family and would consider making more in the future.

Total time: 4 hours.

Cost: $20

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